Jack Schulze

Things to Know About the Most Popular Italian Foods

Italian cuisine is famous in Melbourne. Pasta and pizzas are two common dishes all over the city. History of Italian cuisine goes back to ancient Roman times and historians think that Italian food started when traditional settlers colonised areas in southern Italy, Sicily and Magna Graecia.


Meals of pasta variate in colours and designs and is one of the favourites in Melbourne. Tortellini pasta or ravioli will be provided to you in Italy, for breakfast, lunch and not just for dinner. It can be found in one of the many Lygon street restaurants or if you prefer federation square restaurants.  People might genuinely believe that with such food people who eat Italian must be the fattest people in the world. However, they aren’t.

In Italy, you will find lakes, and a large number of shoreline and rivers, so there are lots of methods to make all kinds of seafood like squid and fried swordfish. A lot of Italian restaurants in Melbourne care beyond words about their seafood and it’s worth a try!

Overcoming cultural differences and language barriers, pizza has transformed into the world’s most popular dish. In India, they prefer to include tofu, minced mutton and pickled ginger. In Japan, people enjoy pizzas with smoked eel and squid. People from Costa Rica choose pizza with pineapple and coconuts, as well as the Brazilians with green peas. In Melbourne, we prefer all of them and you can find them on the best Melbourne food blogs!